Stay the Same in sun & showers


The Empress of China

Starring Zhang Tong, Kathy Chow, Zhang Ding Han, Janine Chang, Zhang Ting, Viann Zhang

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Source: Eri_c119

Source: Eri_c119

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Yang using Burn

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「Yang Blake doodle」 by いえすぱ
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round two
you know i come stormin outta my corner
my opponent don’t want it
cause he’s sweatin like he’s in a saunua

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No laptop im gomen i never got to post those requests uhuhuhuhu im sorryyyyy. I doodled a yang and sun with my friend’s ipad ap thingy

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rwbyrsweek day 1 → ren/yang (sunflowyr)

In which Ren isn’t nearly as oblivious as he pretends to be and Yang is, well, Yang.

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quick neptune doodle before bed ♡v♡


quick neptune doodle before bed ♡v♡

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