01. All About Us
02. UVERworld D-Technolife
03. Izayoi Namida
04. Snow Fairy
05. Quiet
06. Gentle Hands
07. Wasurenaiyo
08. Simple and Clean
09. Senya (Itachi's Theme)
10. Talking to the Moon
11. Everybody's Fool
12. Bruises and Bitemarks
13. Fireflies



1) “Mirror mirror, what’s behind you? Save me from the things I see. I can keep it from the world, why won’t you let me hide from me?”

2) “My grandfather’s company has had a target painted across its back for as long as I could remember.”


maybe she doesn’t wear it out of pride so much as a dare to anyone watching to try their best

Let’s not forget that White Fang has been kidnapping and assassinating people associated with the Schnee Dust company since Weiss was a little kid. She grew up with people she met, talked to, maybe even tried to grow close to, up and disappearing. And instead of hiding behind a wall of bodyguards she paints a target on herself and goes where she pleases, refusing to let anymore make her more of a victim.

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Eren and Annie

Art (c) JBadgr

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Eren Week: Day 2 ‘One Ship’

EreAnnie Week: No Specific Prompt

Scene Illustration for Ponderess' brilliant fic: 'An Unbearable Sight. Eren is all ANGST and Annie is all INTERNAL EMOTIONAL CONFLICT and it is just fan-fucking-tastic <3

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they should hang out……………

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Chinese version of Rapunzel (Tangled)

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Baseball Satsuki <333

Please don’t ask her if she’s a pitcher or a batter.
She’s both.

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{ x }

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"He and I are the best of friends."

Alibaba Saluja & Kougyoku Ren [Magis2ep23]

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When is Belle going to find out that her boyfriend beat her father to death? I mean, I hate Maurice in this show, but if he had just told her what happened and why he feared Gold so much, she might have been more understanding. But I guess this is one more thing that gets shoved under the rug.”

Ok I don’t care about this confession but omg I am laughing hysterically at all the people that are bashing this confession and saying that this doesn’t matter because these are the EXACT SAME people that constantly say Emma *needs* to know about Hook being in love with Bae’s mother and that Hook “hiding” this from her is some big ass deal. And yet here they are saying that Rumple beating Belle’s FATHER isn’t a big deal just like they say that it’s not a big deal for Belle to know that Rumple killed Milah. Man, the blindness is appalling lol


(Let’s not forget her boyfriend turned her fiance into a rose).

Amen to both of these posts. And LMAO at the people bashing this confession. Adding in my own points, the same people bashing this confession are probably the same ones who (rightfully) criticize Swan Queen and say it would be really degrading and abusive for Emma to date the same woman who made numerous attempts on her and her parents’ lives and judge Swan Queen stans who wave off Regina’s murder attempts. Yet here they are, excusing and minimizing Rumpel’s assault on Maurice and acting like the action wouldn’t and shouldn’t be a possible  dealbreaker for Rumbelle.

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